The Industry’s First Comprehensive Solution

Anova offers the first industry solution that combines subscriber-level analytics with real-time network optimization, enabling operators to discover new insights, boost network capacity, improve ROI, and deliver a superior customer experience.

The Anova solution comprises two key elements:

  • Real-time Optimization: Real-time data capture, analytics, and KPI generation for closed loop network optimization.
  • Subscriber Analytics: In-depth subscriber-level analytics using behavioral analysis, segmentation, and predictive analytics for customer care, diagnostics and personalization.


The Anova solution provides the most comprehensive offering for data capture, analytics, subscriber experience management, and network control. Predictive and inference models built within the analytics platform provide continuous input to the real-time capture and KPI generation process. The optimization engine provides a unique way to use analytics to control the network experience in real-time.

The Anova solution is modular. Each element can operate independently and work with existing solutions deployed in carrier networks. For example:

  • Real-time capture functionality can feed KPIs to existing optimization engines or to carrier Big Data platforms.
  • The analytics framework can take data from any existing carrier probe or DPI and provide the richest analytics for subscriber-level profiling.
  • The analytics solution offers its own flexible and optimized user interface. The solution can also be deployed within carrier Big Data platforms and can feed EDW, Care APIs, or other adhoc analytics tools for BI.

Real-time Capture and Optimization

Anova’s real-time intelligent technology is based on its REACH™ (Report, Export, Act, Control, HetNet) architecture.

REACH diagram

What Makes Us Unique?

Anova’s REACH architecture is the industry’s first solution that intelligently delivers real-time RAN awareness to the mobile network.  Exposing real-time intelligence from the RAN – the part of the network that impacts efficiency and QoE the most – enables operators to better plan, manage, and control their most valuable network asset.  With Anova’s REACH architecture, each individual element of the access network, down to the sector and device, become independently visible and controllable, allowing operators to take precise actions and policies on a per-sector, per-condition, per-content, and per-subscriber basis.

Actionable Intelligence

Anova empowers operators with network sharing at the cellular level, bandwidth-on-demand across multiple networks, and unprecedented access to user and control plane actionable intelligence. Operators can seamlessly migrate from a ‘big iron’ approach to managing their network and infrastructure on their own, while continuing to leverage deep insight into the user experience.   With unprecedented access to this real-time data, operators can:

  • Fully extract the value embedded in operator networks. Anova enables operators to significantly improve their network monetization.
  • Maximize the user experience.With REACH’s cloud architecture, operators can pull in even more history and even more perspective than ever before across the network to deliver best QoE and optimal network utilization.

Preserve network resources

By providing a holistic ‘lifecycle report card’ on how subscribers are behaving across heterogeneous technology, and how services are performing across different access technologies to meet user demand, REACH gives operators the big picture and the tools to extend user lifetime in the network.

Subscriber Analytics

The core Anova analytics technology is a holistic 360° customer profile that combines behavioral metrics such as engagement, interests, and segmentation with experiential metrics such as latency, throughput, and tonnage across a variety of applications and services such as browsing, video, audio, and VoLTE. Anova applies proprietary algorithms on this profile to enable a number of pre-packaged Insights. These Insights span the range from Network and Customer care offerings such as: Customer Care troubleshooting, VoLTE analytics, Network Analytics, Data Abuse Detection to Marketing & Monetization offerings such as: Advertising, Segmentation, and Pricing.

What Makes Us Unique?

Dynamic Learning™

A continuously updated content catalog of web sites, apps, locations, devices, services, IPs, networks, and more. This is combined with model learning algorithms to recognize new categories, segments, and behaviors. Anova classifies more than 90% of all content consumed on mobile devices.

Customer Experience Perception™

A set of algorithms to derive actual customer experience metrics vs. traditional network based metrics. This enables quantification and scoring of each customer’s performance with metrics such as perceived speeds, latency, congestion, virtual speed tests, service QoE, etc. Actionable intelligence (alarms) are generated based on measurements and provide proactive quality and performance management capabilities.

Privacy Dial™

A control layer to give the operator the ability to fully manage privacy standards including opt-outs, opt-ins, access controls, and specific data types. All data is kept internal, privacy compliant for every use case, and only used in accordance with the operator’s legal and business procedures.

Lossless Aggregation™

A set of algorithms tuned for data usage that reduce, aggregate, and compress operator data without the need for data sampling. This makes moving large volumes of information fast, efficient, and cost effective for IT and network operations, so operators save on critical and expensive bandwidth and storage.

Fast, Easy Access to Real Data Insights

All Data, Any Source

Anova has a flexible ingestion engine that can ingest usage data, location CDRs, network and VoLTE data, CRM data, and many other sources all into a single platform with minimal configuration. The data can be captured in real time, off of multiple interfaces, such as Gn, S1-U, and S11. Additionally, data can be ingested from multiple DPI/PGW or from existing probes.

Analytics Everywhere

The interactive UI allows access to tens of thousands of data analyses that can be accessed from a laptop, tablet or mobile device. The API allows for low-latency response time to key queries, enabling integration with 3rd party apps or customer care portals. Data extracts allow integration with enterprise data warehouses. Real-time alarms and alerts enable integration with OSS systems for real-time actions.

Carrier Grade, Virtualized, and Web-scale

The Anova Analytics Platform can be deployed in both a centralized and distributed architecture for maximum scalability. The solution may be deployed on bare metal hardware or in virtualized environments. The solution can run independently or within a multi-tenant Big Data architecture. The system has a robust automation, monitoring, and alerting framework for efficient operations.

Out of the Box Use Cases

Unlike other solutions that build one-off offerings, the Anova offering comes pre-packed with algorithms that solve specific use cases. These use cases solve problems ranging from network optimization and control, to customer experience management, to data monetization. These are outlined under the Solutions section.

By combining real-time capture, optimization, and analytics, Anova offers the first of its kind end-to-end solution. Several use cases that are offered as a result of the integrated solution include:

  • Deliver a superior subscriber experience while optimizing the most important content.
  • Pre-fetch and dynamically adapt content to optimize network utilization and maximize subscriber experience.
  • Use subscriber and content segmentation per cell to determine best utilization of cell-sites for optimal usage and ROIC.
  • Offer holistic customer experience and proactively manage customer issues.
  • Provide the most appropriate messaging to the customer at the best time for interaction and next best action.

Customer Testimonials

500 Gbps monitored daily, over 3 trillion records processed month

100M Subscribers monitored per month

Hadoop based analytics and NFV compliant monitor and control

12+X granted and 10+Y pending patents