Anova’s Subscriber Profile Insight solution allows mobile operators to segment and profile their subscribers based on data usage patterns, interests, and content preferences. The Subscriber Profile insight solution, together with data from operator CRM or 3rd party user segmentation data, enables a complete view into subscriber behavior. Marketing, product, and pricing teams use this information to plan and fine-tune operator service plans and offerings, and enable strategic decision-making for increased retention and enhanced customer lifetime value.

Enabled from Anova’s Actionable Subscriber Analytics Platform, this solution processes all usage data across the mobile network to generate rich subscriber-level profiles to feed operator data warehouses and business intelligence systems.

subscriber profile insight


Use Cases

  • Advanced pricing analysis. Enable pricing plan decisions based on insight of data usage, behavioral patterns, and segmentation.
  • Develop enhanced customer lifetime value scores.
  • Assess the existing composition of usage behaviors and trending in order to model new shared data or specialized service bundles.
  • Segment users based upon usage distributions, content affinity, device preferences and geography to assess new service plan options.
  • Increase ARPU by zeroing in on customers with greatest spending potential with tailored communications, promotions and offers.
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs through targeted marketing. Increase revenue by upselling and cross-selling the latest devices.

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