Anova’s Self Optimizing Network (SON) Aware solution enhances centralized SON applications with real-time notifications of mobile content, and application performance measurements and KPIs. These extensions accelerate the decision-making process in existing SON applications by eliminating the OSS collection time lags and creating opportunities for new time-sensitive centralized SON applications. Anova reduces the impact on RAN elements from CPU-intensive statistics generation that creates bottlenecks within macro and small-cell deployments. Anova’s SON Awareness provides the first truly vendor-independent and technology-agnostic solution.

Anova’s Self Optimizing Network (SON) Aware solution detects changes in utilization and network congestion at the sector level and sends real-time notifications to the appropriate network element to selectively manage the changes.  This real-time, subscriber and location-aware approach minimizes the actions taken, optimizing network utilization and delivering the best experience across all services including voice, video, SMS/MMS, and broadband applications.

SON for solutions 3


SON Use Cases

  • Mobile load balancing (MLB)
  • Mobile robustness optimization (MRO)
  • Coverage and capacity optimization
  • Congestion detection


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