Anova’s Publisher Insight solution enables operators to monetize publisher analytics reporting as a service with 3rd parties by offering in-depth analysis into mobile usage across both the web and mobile application properties of a publisher. This contextual insight empowers brands to understand the composition of their current mobile web and applications presence, benchmark against peer brands, and fine-tune their programs, campaigns, and product development strategies.

The Publisher Insight web user interface displays detailed metrics for aggregate mobile usage covering each Publisher’s respective brands with breakdowns across a range of analytics dimensions.

publisher inisght


Use Cases

  • Provide a turn-key solution that an operator can brand and roll out quickly via numerous monetization strategies.
  • Use as a discovery platform to identify other operator advertising, campaign, or revenue sharing opportunities.
  • Administer (within the platform) operator privacy policies required for 3rd party sharing.
  • Enable brands to track performance and trends by demographics, device types, regions, and different engagement metrics.
  • Enable 3rd parties to compare consumer engagement across different brands and to benchmark competitor performance and demographics in the same categories.
  • Use Anova Dynamic Learning, which is a self-maintaining solution, to discover new, emerging publisher web and application brands, and categorize them across a rich taxonomy.
  • Track traditional HTTP traffic and brand trends toward secure HTTPs usage.


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