Anova’s Customer Experience (Problematic Apps) Insight solution allows mobile operator care agents to identify customers who may have a mobile app or apps known to cause device performance issues, and offer them the best advice to resolve their reported issue. This insight lets care agents query a subscriber’s mobile data usage in real-time against a list of known problematic apps and then recommend the best course of action to the customer.

The use of this insight leads to reduced device exchanges, reduced store visits or contact center calls, and improved customer satisfaction and quality of experience (QoE).

customer experience problamatic apps



Use Cases

  • Reduce device exchanges by harnessing Big Data and having educated conversations with the customer.
  • Decrease in-store visits or contact center calls for device related performance issues.
  • Improve first call resolution and reduce case handling times through an easy-to-use interface with prompt response times.
  • Raise Net Promoter Score and improve customer satisfaction and experience by leveraging subscriber level analytics.
  • Lower unnecessary customer churn resulting from poor device experience caused by mobile apps.
  • Track subscriber issues and care agent activity to build out performance metrics for management reporting.

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