Anova’s Campaign Insight solution tracks and analyzes advertising or promotional campaigns launched by 3rd party advertisers and operator marketing teams on the mobile web, apps, or within an operator’s own property, in a privacy-compliant manner.

Anova’s Campaign Insight solution not only enables advertisers and operator marketing teams to plan and monitor campaigns, but also enables retargeting by identifying the campaign participants. The Audience Analysis component enables operators and media planners to tune campaigns for a better yield.


campaign insight

Use Cases

  • Measure advertising and identify revenue opportunities for operators without compromising the privacy of their subscribers.
  • Track performance of active campaigns using standard advertising metrics like impressions, clicks and click-through rates.
  • Provide comprehensive device and browser-based reports that verify current campaign targeting parameters and enable fine-tuning.
  • Enable accurate tracking of campaign impressions across the mobile web using publisher performance reports.
  • Tune campaign device targeting parameters through device performance reports.
  • Increase reach and targeting of the intended audience using Audience Analysis.
  • Retarget advertising based upon current campaign performance.


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