Anova’s Marketing Analytics Insight solution takes the guesswork out of decision making and strategic planning. The solution provides a 360° view of aggregate usage across the network, and delivers actionable intelligence from network usage and other operator-supplied CRM data.

Enabled from Anova’s Actionable Subscriber Analytics Platform, this solution processes all web and application usage to profile subscriber behaviors and trends across a broad range of analytic dimensions and metrics.

marketing insight 2

Use Cases

  • Discover distributions and trends by demographics, plan types, and regions.
  • Monitor Weekly Scorecard reports to identify emerging and declining web content, mobile application usage, application downloads and device models.
  • Pinpoint the best content publishers and application pre-load partners for revenue sharing opportunities and marketing programs.
  • Monitor device launches, identify buyer’s remorse trends, and plan upgrade promotions.
  • Locate the most effective web properties for advertising campaigns and promotions.
  • Compare consumer engagement across different brands.
  • Spot data usage trends for more timely and directed infrastructure investments.


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