Anova’s Data Usage Insight solution provides new visibility into account and line-level usage, enabling mobile operators to address bill shock issues and data-related queries from subscribers. This leads to reduced refunds, higher customer satisfaction and the potential for upselling subscribers to higher-value usage plans.

Anova’s Data Usage Insight Portal lets customer care agents view subscriber usage during live calls. The associated API allows operators to enable the self-care model by providing the same account and line-level visibility through their branded mobile applications. This reduces the volume of calls into their contact centers, which results in lower customer care costs.

data usage insight

Use Cases

  • Minimize bill shock by educating subscribers on how they consume their data.
  • Increase ARPU by upselling a higher data package to customers based on their usage.
  • Raise the Net Promoter Score through improved customer satisfaction and experience.
  • Reduce case handling time with an easy-to-use interface and keep the customer care agent focused on what matters – good, fast customer care.
  • Decrease customer care costs by providing customers self-service apps to monitor and modulate their data usage.
  •  Allow unobtrusive tracking of customer care agents and ensure efficiency in answering subscriber questions and solving problems.


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