Our solutions are laser focused on generating new revenues, reducing expenses and improving customer satisfaction, all while allowing operators to fully comply with subscriber privacy policies.

Anova Solutions Listed Alphabetically

Anova’s Advertising Insight solution provides the industry’s deepest, most comprehensive understanding of subscriber segmentation and identifies how, where, and when to reach certain market segments.. Learn more ⇒

 Anova’s Campaign Insight solution tracks and analyzes advertising or promotional campaigns launched by 3rd party advertisers and operator marketing teams on the mobile web, apps, or even an operator’s own properties in a privacy-compliant manner. Learn more ⇒

Anova’s RAN Congestion Management solution allows operators to detect peak times of network utilization/congestion and initiate the right traffic management techniques to maintain the highest QoE across voice, video, SMS/MMS and broadband applications in real-time. Learn more ⇒

A set of algorithms to derive actual customer experience metrics vs. traditional network based metrics. Learn more ⇒

Anova Customer Experience (Problematic Apps) insight allows mobile operators’ care agents to identify customers who may have a mobile app or apps known to cause device performance issues and offer them the best advice to resolve their reported issue. Learn more ⇒

Anova’s Data Abuse Insight solution enables operators to easily identify network abuses including unauthorized tethering, extreme usage, P2P activity, problematic applications, and other forms of abuse that can cause a poor customer experience which, in turn,  can increase churn, and consume network capacity. Learn more ⇒

Anova’s Data Usage Insight solution provides mobile operators new visibility into account and line-level usage, enabling them to address bill shock issues and data-related queries from subscribers. Learn more ⇒
Anova’s Marketing Analytics Insight solution takes the guesswork out of decision making and strategic planning by providing a 360° view of aggregate usage across the network and delivering actionable intelligence from network usage and other operator-supplied CRM data.  Learn more ⇒

Anova’s Network Insight solution provides operators with a comprehensive network view across multiple dimensions, including network element, cell, and device. This solution enables operator network planning and engineering teams to understand network trends and troubleshoot network issues. Learn more ⇒

Anova’s Network Selection solution identifies the historical and real-time state of each access technology, taking into account subscriber content, service usage, and mobility patterns. Learn more ⇒

Anova Publisher Insight solution enables operators to monetize publisher analytics reporting as a service with 3rd parties by offering in-depth analysis into the mobile usage across both web and mobile application properties of a publisher. Learn more ⇒
Mobile operators are facing serious challenges when it comes to protecting the availability and integrity of their mobile network. Anova’s Mobile Security Solution arms mobile operators with real-time alerting, detection and mitigation, pre-empting threats and ensuring optimum service assurance. Learn more ⇒
Anova’s Self Optimizing Network (SON) Aware solution enhances centralized SON applications with real-time notifications of mobile, content, and application performance measurements and KPIs. Learn more ⇒
Anova’s Subscriber Profile Insight solution allows mobile operators to segment and profile their subscribers based on data usage patterns, interests and content preferences. Learn more ⇒

Anova’s VoLTE Insight solution provides operators with both a network-wide view, and an element-level view, into VoLTE traffic on their networks. The solution captures VoLTE specific metrics such as jitter, lost calls, VoLTE-to-VoLTE calls, and MOS scores. Learn more ⇒

Anova Data = Proven Results

Witnessing the massive adoption of consumer data services and the forcasted evolution of operator network technologies, we saw an unprecedented opportunity for operators to significantly improve their businesses by answering questions on how data is consumed.

Today, we provide a robust Big Data analytics solution for operators that delivers immediate, actionable, 360° insights on subscriber data behavior (web, application, location, audio, video, VoIP, and more). Operators use this information to significantly improve their business in areas such as marketing, third party monetization, network and customer care. Operators can anticipate and plan for:

  • Subscriber wants and needs
  • Subscriber expectations
  • Network infrastructure and process reductions