Anova’s closed-loop product offering consists of an innovative fully virtualized architecture and supporting functions.

Anova’s REACH (Report, Export, Act, Control, HetNet) architecture combines Anova’s innovative products/solutions with industry accepted virtualization technologies, commodity hardware, and programmable interfaces enabling elastic resource control and innovative NFV-enabled services.

REACH detailed diagram

Included in this architecture is the industry’s first RAN-Aware load balancer, which provides horizontal and vertical scale by optimally forwarding protocols to the appropriate computing resources without burdening the operator’s underlying IT infrastructure. This combined approach allows Anova’s customers to rapidly deploy solutions with the assurance that their investment will grow where and when needed.

Content Aware Edge™

Anova’s Content Aware Edge (CAE) is a fully virtualized platform designed specifically to extract and transform real-time mobile network conditions from the RAN into immediate optimizations, actionable triggers, and reports for managing the network.  Deployed within the mobile network, between the RAN and Core Network, the CAE combines RAN conditions, content metrics, and subscriber awareness. This enables operators to create intelligent actions tailored to mobile network conditions in a manner that maintains subscriber QoE while streamlining RAN costs.

Using its real-time RAN Awareness capabilities, the Anova CAE captures key metrics and attributes from the mobile network at the RAN and content level to provide sophisticated reports on the data usage in the mobile network. Anova’s CAE platform delivers complete, accurate, and instantaneous traffic information.

Data Aggregation Function™

Anova’s Data Aggregation Function (DAF) provides an extract, transform, and load (ETL) framework that optimally collects RAN intelligence data feeds from Anova CAE instances, and transforms the data to one or more data formats to feed a range of targets including data warehouses, Hadoop clusters, and long-term storage archives.

Policy and Personalization Engine™

Anova’s Policy and Personalization Engine (PPE) combines a centralized policy provisioning engine with an element management system (EMS) optimized to manage Anova’s commercial hardware and cloud offerings.


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