Anova uniquely consolidates KPIs and KQIs of network performance across all protocols at a subscriber level, while allowing the operator to fully comply with subscriber privacy policies.


Optimize your Network

Anova empowers network operations with real-time customer experience and usage analytics on all data services, including video and VoLTE. SLAs are tracked and alarms are generated in case of KPI degradation. Engineers can efficiently isolate problems, assess impacts, analyze root causes, and verify resolutions. This leads to better network quality, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced operational costs.


Network Planning and Forecasting

Anova enables operators to understand cell site usage trends for more accurate forecasting of capacity utilization to predict and manage network growth. This information is used to identify underperforming cells, plan upgrades, and optimize return on invested capital.

network screen capture


Reduce Data Abuse

Data abuse through unauthorized tethering, extreme usage, P2P activity, problematic applications, and other forms all cause a poor customer experience that can increase churn and consume network capacity. With Anova Network Analytics, operators easily identify network abuse to save capacity, improve the customer experience, and reduce churn.