Anova enables marketing teams to plan, execute, monitor, and improve programs based on data usage measured across the entire base, while fully complying with subscriber privacy policies.


One Dashboard, 360° View

Have always-on access to a full, aggregated 360° view of actual data and location usage at any given point in time. With an intuitive, easy to use dashboard, operators can instantly access and drill down on thousands of reports, analyze trends, view scorecards, and export reports on ALL data behavior.

“Is my product portfolio profitable?”

Gain a more thorough understanding of how operator services are actually performing and benchmark them against third party competition. Make real business decisions on real facts.




Improve CRM

Anova Marketing delivers critical information on what subscribers are doing with data services. Leveraging this insight, operators can optimize marketing messaging and increase the effectiveness of retention, loyalty, and acquisition campaigns.


Smart Segmentation

Segment your user base and make pricing plan decisions based on deep insights of data and location usage. Anova Marketing categorizes subscribers into meaningful classifications for segmentation and pricing analysis.