Anova reduces calls to care and resolution time, while improving customer satisfaction (such as improvement in Net Promoter Score) with a 360° view into data usage. It accomplishes all this while allowing operators to fully comply with subscriber privacy policies.


“My battery is dying!”

Problematic applications, certain devices, and specific cell towers can all contribute to high error rates, rapid battery drain, and a poor user experience. Anova proactively identifies these issues before the customer calls. Operators use this information to reduce care expenses and associated churn while improving customer satisfaction.



“My app seems really slow!”

Anova measures the real-time customer experience on the network across all services including browsing, apps, video, audio, and even VoLTE call quality. All customers are scored relative to the population so operators can proactively manage the desired experience relative to a customer’s perceived experience.






“How did I use 5GB of data?”

Empower customers to efficiently manage their own usage for better self-service. Presenting data usage information directly to customers reduces calls to care, immediately saves on expenses, and improves customer satisfaction including increased Net Promoter Score. This capability can also be integrated directly into operator care portals.