Concord, MA – 17 December 2014 – Zettics, the leader in big data analytics for operators, today announced availability of the 9.0 release of its flagship analytics platform. Zettics 9.0 is the only pre-built analytics software for operators that combines multiple data sources such as subscriber data usage, network performance, CRM, customer service, and campaign data. For the first time, operators can invest in a single platform and improve business operations that span network, care, marketing, and monetization.

Zettics 9.0 processes all protocols of data usage, including SSL, together with network performance data, to give operators a full 360 degree view of not only what subscribers are doing when they use data, but also their experience. The solution computes subscriber-level behavioral KPIs such as sessions and page views and advertising segmentation based on sites and apps used. In addition, it also computes user-experience KPIs such as throughput and latency and subscriber QoE scores. The solution is unique in that it processes all records for all subscribers, without sampling. All of this processing is done under strict compliance with the operator’s subscriber privacy policies using the Zettics Privacy Dial™.

Commenting on the launch, Asa Kalavade, CTO and SVP of Product at Zettics said, “Operators are turning to big data systems to help them better understand the customer’s experience as they use data services. In this release, we offer the first integrated solution that combines data usage and performance data through a three-tier architecture based on Hadoop. We have introduced new Insights that provide out-of-the-box benefits to network operations and care teams, while also enhancing our capabilities for marketing and monetization. This release has been operational since October and we are excited to make it available for all current and future Zettics customers worldwide.” 

With Zettics 9.0 release, operators will now be able to access 10 pre-packaged Insights that solve specific business problems, get subscriber feeds to their big data platforms, and perform ad-hoc sandbox analysis for data discovery.

Improve Their Network Experience 

Zettics 9.0 delivers new Insights for network operations and care. The Customer Experience Management Insight offers hourly reporting on critical KPIs and scores how every subscriber is experiencing the network. Network Service Assurance Insight gives near-real time alarms and SNMP alerts at a device, cell, or APN level, allowing operators to ensure the network is always delivering the desired experience for every subscriber. Data Usage Insight addresses bill shock by enabling operators to clearly explain data consumption to customers and integrates with self-care systems.

Get Critical Data for Marketing and Monetization 

Zettics 9.0 adds additional functionality for the marketing department and monetization programs. CRM Insight infers subscriber demographics such as age and gender. Advertising Insight computes interest segments such as fashionista and sports enthusiast. All data can now be easily monetized with third parties in a subscriber privacy policy compliant way using Data Brokering Insight.

Cost Effectively Enrich Big Data Systems 

Through its mediation capability, Zettics 9.0 fuses multiple raw data sources and enriches them to create subscriber profiles that can be fed into an operator’s big data environment. Zettics Dynamic Learning™ ensures the long tail data is properly categorized and Lossless Aggregation™ reduces data volume by 30 times. Together these patented technologies improve effectiveness and lower the cost of running a big data environment. Zettics also offers a sandbox capability that enables operators to leverage Zettics data for discovery and adhoc analysis.