Westford, Mass. — June 5, 2013 — Movik Networks, the Intelligent RAN company and Heavy Reading, the research division of the Light Reading Communications Network, today unveiled the findings of a recent study, “RAN Congestion: What Operators Want,” a major survey of 51 global network operators that explored their experience, plans for and attitudes to Radio Access Network (RAN) congestion control. A key finding of the study is that the majority of operators believe RAN congestion is getting worse, with half saying it is also less predictable. This conclusion reflects an environment in which smartphones and OTT video services are outpacing the ability of operators to handle subscriber demand.  The survey found near-universal agreement among the 62 operator executives interviewed, that the main objective of new RAN controls is to improve the customer Quality of Experience (QoE).  Movik’s REACH solution has been designed to specifically expose real-time intelligence from the RAN, the part of the network that can impact efficiency and QoE the most, enabling operators to better plan, manage, and control their most valuable network asset in real time.

Operators noted other key catalysts for RAN congestion measures include the need to improve the quality of operators’ key services, from controlling signaling congestion, to improving understanding of subscriber behavior and to monetizing features like QoE.

Other key findings from the study:

  • A majority of operators want real-time or near-real-time information on congestion when applying controls.
  • Operators want any controls to be applied holistically across all the networks they owned, with seamless control between 3G/4G and WiFi the biggest motivator.
  • Operators are looking for alternative, cost effective solutions to deploy RAN congestion control measures.

“The study paints an accurate portrait of the needs global operators have when it comes to handling RAN congestion and the critical role RAN congestion management plays in delivering optimal QoE,” said Graham Finnie, Heavy Reading Chief Analyst. “Delivering real-time insight into RAN congestion across networks in a cost effective manner is what operators want.”

“We partnered with Heavy Reading to better serve our customers’ evolving needs when it comes to managing their RAN,” said John St. Amand, CEO, Movik.  “With Movik, mobile operators have for the first time a cost effective, complete end-to end RAN lifecycle solution that delivers a deep, correlated view of the real-time RAN enabling them to understand exactly what is going on by device, sector or network.  Operators can finally see what the subscriber QoE is as they transition between networks and gain control over their network behavior.”

Movik’s REACH foundational architecture is specifically designed to address operator’s challenges today as noted in the Heavy Reading findings.  Movik’s Report capability presents cross-layer views of network performance and subscriber QoE in real-time.  The Export functionality leverages Movik’s RAN aware intelligence to trigger real-time actions on an operator’s existing policy, content optimization, and traffic management platforms. Movik Act enables a broad range of capabilities from admission control to relevant content delivery. As the only platform to merge content and RAN intelligence, Movik Control functionality provides input into multi technology heterogeneous networks (HetNets) including SON (Self Organizing Networks) deployments. Operators can now realize the vision of “optimally connected, anywhere, anytime” by matching the specific needs of subscribers’ content and choose the best network, whether WiFi or 3G/4G for specific content or application types.

Movik delivers a multi radio access technology (RAT) heterogeneous overlay network (HetNet) that is optimally loaded across disparate wireless verticals in real-time, based on UE demands to drastically lower an operator’s CAPEX and increase subscriber QoE.

Movik has achieved recognition for its innovative offerings, topping The Wall Street Journal’s “Next Big Thing” Top 50 Start Ups list and FierceWireless’ annual list of the top 15 emerging companies in the wireless industry.