REACHT(TM) Intp Your Network

Anova’s real-time intelligent technology is based on its REACH™(Report, Export, Act, Control, HetNet) architecture.

What Makes Us Unique

Anova’s REACH architecture is the industry’s first solution that intelligently delivers real-time RAN awareness to the mobile network.  Exposing real-time intelligence from the RAN – the part of the network that impacts efficiency and QoE the most – enables operators to better plan, manage, and control their most valuable network asset.  With Anova’s REACH architecture, each individual element of the access network, down to the sector and device, become independently visible and controllable, allowing operators to take precise actions and policies on a per-sector, per-condition, per-content, and per-subscriber basis.

RAN engine 2

Actionable Intelligence

Anova empowers operators with network sharing at the cellular level, bandwidth-on-demand across multiple networks, and unprecedented access to user and control plane actionable intelligence. Operators can seamlessly migrate from a ‘big iron’ approach to managing their network and infrastructure on their own, while continuing to leverage deep insight into the user experience.   With unprecedented access to this real-time data, operators can:

  •  Fully extract the value embedded in operator networks. Anova enables operators to significantly improve their network monetization.
  • Maximize the user experience. With cREACH’s cloud architecture, operators can pull in even more history and even more perspective than ever before across the network to deliver best QoE (Quality of Experience) and optimal network utilization.
  • Preserve network resources. By providing a holistic ‘lifecycle report card’ on how subscribers are behaving across heterogeneous technology, and how services are performing across different access technologies to meet user demand, cREACH gives operators the big picture and the tools to extend user lifetime in the network.

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