Vice President of Technology

Dr. Kumar Kovvali has over 30 years of innovating and architecting new technologies, focused primarily around service delivery and cross layer optimizations for enhancing Quality of Experience for video and applications.  His specialties are 3G/4G mobile wireless network architectures, mobile content delivery networks, and web and video delivery proxies. Dr. Kovvali’s expertise in wireline networks includes IPTV, Carrier Ethernet/MSPP platforms, datacom/telecom networking, SONET/SDH/PDH network architectures (multiplexing hierarchies and Packet/TDM tributaries), video transport, and Metro Ethernet/RPR/VPLS ATM technologies.

Prior to Anova, Dr. Kovvali held Chief Scientist positions at BigBand Networks and Telsima, as well as being a founder at Coriolis Networks.

Dr. Kovvali is a significant contributor to the various standards bodies including IEEE’s RPR and Metro Ethernet Forum. He has authored over twenty U.S. patents covering metro optical networking/multi-service delivery, cross layer network optimizations, real-time RAN Analytics, Self Optimizing Networks and RAN and Content Aware delivery optimizations in wireless mobile networks.

Dr. Kovvali holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Kansas State University and a Master of Technology from I.I.T-KGP, India.