Anova’s web-scale analytics solutions unleash the full value of subscriber and network data insight, enabling operators to get ahead of unprecedented subscriber data growth and take back control of their networks. Anova Data is the only end-to-end 360° analytics framework to radically shift an operator’s position from reactive to proactive.


First End-to-End, Analytic Solution – Anova Data

end-to-end solution



From Reactive to Proactive

Operators have been stuck in a reactionary state, continuously put on their heels as they use limited resources to attempt to manage escalating subscriber demands, rising infrastructure costs, and an exponential rise in content and applications. Operator capacity challenges and inability to fully meet subscriber expectations result in missed opportunities to provide new subscriber services and QoE improvements. Failure to understand and manage the subscriber experience nullifies infrastructure and process cost reductions.


Actionable Network and Subscriber Analytics

Built on virtualization technologies such as SDN and NFV, Anova’s software solution orchestrates the groundwork required to revolutionize the subscribers experience and capitalize on network efficiencies necessary to manage customer experience and future growth.

360° Experience Management

“Operators require innovative service offerings and network infrastructure to holistically maximize the subscriber experience. Anova’s in-depth insights are mission-critical for data monetization, overall experience management, and intelligent network orchestration.” – John St. Amand, CEO, Anova Data


Solutions That Empower You

Anova’s real-time, closed-loop analytics drives significant financial performance for operator top-line growth, middle-line experience management, and bottom-line savings.

Anova Data Analytics

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