KANSAS CITY, Mo. – May 9, 2016 – Pinsight Media, a leader in mobile analytics and media, as well as mobile app distribution, announced plans today to leverage technology from Anova Data to enhance Pinsight’s Fluid Audiences.

Pinsight combines powerful analytics and first‐party data to build high‐correlation audiences which result in optimized mobile ad spends for brands. The addition of Anova Data’s technology, named Monetization Insight, offers deeper categorization and insights to Fluid Audiences.

“By teaming with Anova Data, Pinsight is uniquely positioned to offer mobile advertising products that leverage exclusive mobile carrier data, providing scaled accuracy to reach clients’ most relevant audiences,” said Kevin McGinnis, vice president, Pinsight Media. “This maximizes campaign ROI, replacing traditional media plan tactics of broad audience segments and untargeted reach.”

Beyond basic demographics and household income, Pinsight’s data management platform (DMP) incorporates interest‐based indicators as powerful signals for purchase intent. Fluid Audiences then creates targetable consumer personas based on this data. The company allows clients to choose from a set of predefined audiences, or it will build custom audiences to meet specific campaign needs. Anova Data’s Monetization Insight enables operators to monetize their first‐party data and location information while fully complying with their subscriber privacy policies. Pinsight is a market leader with regards to privacy, making the partnership a model for the industry. Pinsight is transparent about its privacy program and it allows customers to make their own choice—customers must proactively opt‐in to receive targeted ads. The company continually notifies customers about their privacy selections and independently certifies its programs.

“Anova Data is excited to partner with Pinsight Media to unlock the value of its first party data while maintaining industry‐leading privacy standards that protect data suppliers, brands and consumers,” said John St. Amand, CEO, Anova Data. “Together, we provide world class behavioral segmentation capabilities that deliver enhanced value to customers and mobile consumers.”


About Pinsight Media
Pinsight Media is a mobile data company. Its mission is to connect brands with audiences through data‐driven mobile media solutions. The Pinsight DMP combines verified mobile carrier data with demographic, behavioral and location data from multiple mobile network operators and from its own mobile properties. From its DMP, Pinsight creates custom targeted media solutions to reach the right mobile users at the right time. pinsightmedia.com


About Anova Data
Anova Data’s web‐scale analytics solutions unleash the full value of subscriber and network data insight, enabling operators to get ahead of unprecedented subscriber data growth and take back control of their networks. Anova Data’s Monetization Insight is part of a broad portfolio of analytics that drive significant financial performance for operator top‐line growth, middle‐line experience management, and bottom‐line savings through real‐time or in‐time insights. Anovadata.com


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